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Project Components

Following are some of the major Project components:

  • Diversion and Intake (D&I) Structure:  A 54.5m high Asphalt Concrete Rockfill Dam with flexible concrete cutoff, two spillways, power intake and environmental flow release facilities.
  • Spillways:  Two gated spillways, one lower spillway for sediment flushing and passing flood flows and one upper spillway for normal reservoir regulation
  • Intake and Headrace Tunnel:  A 6.0m diameter headrace tunnel, about 19.4 km long (including Desander) leading to a surge chamber and twin vertical pressure shafts.
  • Desander/Desilting Basin: An underground twin barrel desander/desilting basin at the start of the headrace tunnel.
  • Power House:  An underground power house , situated 4.1 km upstream  of Paras.
  • Tailrace Tunnels:  Twin tailrace tunnels D-shaped, 4.1 km long discharging the water back into the river.
  • Access Tunnel:  A 4.1 km long access tunnel leading to power house
  • Roads & Bridges:  Permanent diversion of the National Highway along the reservoir
  • Ancillary Works:  Measures for control of frazil ice and construction of avalanche protection structures
  • Staff Colonies and Social Facilities.
  • Grid Station & Interconnection:  Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and interconnection facilities including switchyard works.